Sunday, 8 February 2015


RØMMEKOLLE REVIVAL  Barents SpektakelKirkenes, 4th-8th February 2015
Inspired by bacteria, how can humans create sustainable and thriving cultures based on collaboration and symbiotic, non-linear relationships to cope with the challenges we are now facing? Can the process of fermentation in e.g. rømmekolle provide a model for re-imagining sustainable, human cultures? 

When cultures die the know-how and experience of generations dies with it. So does the bond created by continually sharing the culture. When bacterial cultures die their unique and specific relationship to place and the connection between humans and their local microbes also disappears. Fortunately, bacterial cultures are incredibly resilient and can survive for thousands of years. They can be revitalised by being given the right conditions to thrive. As a cultural activist you can reclaim, nurture, cultivate, digest and share these microbial wonders to re-activate yourself and your local environment. Cultivating cross-cultural diversity gives you a Robin Hood-like feeling of stealing back what has been lost in a world where the often invisible transformation of microbes have been belittled, overlooked, neglected, combated, tamed or homogenised in physical as well as metaphorical ways. We need to work WITH nature. Not AGAINST it. And collaborate with each other and our fellow animals and bacterias.

Listen to Rømmekolle Radio HERE (in Norwegian only)
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NRK Finnmarksendinga 4.02.2015

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