Sunday, 19 April 2015


Workshop at Barents Bird Festival the 18th April with Nelli Makeeva and Eva Bakkeslett

Have you ever thought about how the bacteria were the first to inhabit this earth with life?
Despite being invisible they are an essential part of our human lives as we inhabit more bacterial cells than human cells in our bodies. We have nevertheless come to despise and neglect these very creative and artistic creatures. In this workshop you will have the pleasure of befriending your microbes and learning how they can become your creative collaborators. You will also learn to bake proper Borodinsky bread with a very old bacterial culture from the heart of Mother Russia and make delicious kefir with origins from Caukasus. And while the bread rises we will watch the film “The Magic Tablecloth” made by the artist Eva Bakkeslett in Nikel and meet the main character of the film Nelli Makeeva. A truly cross cultural workshop where Norwegian, Russian and bacterial cultures meet and mingle. 


Can the process of fermentation provide a model for re-imagining sustainable and thriving human cultures and inspire new ways of collaborating to cope with the many challenges we are now facing in the world?

The Rømmekolle pop-ip café took place at the White Rabbit Café in Murmansk during the Barents Bird Festival 2015The café became a place for cross cultural sharing and fermentation to reclaim the sensible and rejoice cross cultural collaboration across boundaries and species.  The participants learnt how to become cultural activists and how it is possible to reclaiming a culture that has been homogenised and lost.


Pranayama workshop in my show In Between at Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter with Charlie Taylor-Rugman. A very enthusiastic and appreciative audience of 35 learnt the art of breathing with this ancient and simple technique.


From my show In Between (Mellomrom) at the Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter in Svolvær, North Norway, 25th February till 13th of April 2015. Showed the films Breath and Meantime with the integrated breath sound installation.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


CROSSING CONTEXTS: interventions through artistic research

Symposium in Tallin 27-29. March.

Presenting  "Micropractice, social fermentation and the local"  with Sebastian Dieterich and Wiktoria Furrer


Really excited to launch Playing For Time at the The Free World Centre in London on the 26th of March.  A beautiful and collaborative book conceived and pulled together by Lucy Neil, assisted by Charlotte Du Cann and co-written by several artist including myself.
"This groundbreaking handbook is a resource for artists, community activists and anyone wishing to reach beyond the facts and figures of science and technology to harness their creativity to make change in the world.This timely book explores the pivotal role artists play in re-thinking the future; re-inventing and re-imagining our world at a time of systemic change and uncertainty. Playing for Time identifies collaborative arts practices emerging in response to planetary challenges, reclaiming a traditional role for artists in the community as truth-tellers and agents of change.
Sixty experienced artists and activists give voice to a new narrative – shifting society’s rules and values away from consumerism and commodity towards community and collaboration with imagination, humour, ingenuity, empathy and skill. Inspired by the grass-roots Transition movement, modelling change in communities worldwide, Playing for Time joins the dots between key drivers of change – in energy, finance, climate change, food and community resilience – and ‘recipes for action’ for readers to take and try."
See also Taking Yoghurt to the Next Level - by Lucy Neil

Friday, 27 February 2015


Solo exhibition "MELLOMROM" (In Between) at the North Norwegian Arts Centre in Svolvær 27th February - 12th April..

Premiere of my film Breath screened synchronically on two walls.
Also showing the short film "In Between" (6 min) and the sound installation "Exchange", performance lecture "In Between" and Pranayama Introduction course with Charlie Taylor-Rugman
on the 11th April at 2PM in the gallery.
Camera, Clive Ardagh
Sound: Nathanaël Gustin

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Vadsø museum-Ruija kvenmuseum

Knitting café whilst listening to Rømmekolle Radio and screening of my film The Magic Tablecloth.
Thank you everyone in Vadsø Museum for spreading cultural activism.

Listen to Rømmekolle Radio HERE (in Norwegian only)