Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Reclaiming ancient cultural practices by mindfully making and sharing sourdough bread from a 23 year old Russian rye culture, yoghurt from a 100 year old Eastern European culture and delicious kefir from real kefir grains originating from Caucasus. And whilst the bread and yogurt was fermenting we were exploring the wonderful world of bacteria as transformers and change makers to see how fermentation could be a model for re-imagining a more thriving and sustainable human culture! 


  1. I stumbled on your work through a series of almost random clicks in my internet reading this morning -- what a gift. I'm no bread maker, but a different sort of cook and analyst, but the idea of microbial cultures in yogurt, bread, etc. as metaphors or tools by which to imagine sustainable, communal futures is inspiring and fascinating. I'd have loved to have seen the film on the "poetics of bread," but live and work from India where access to these materials is difficult to say the least. I wonder if you have clips or segments posted--or would be willing to share? I'd love to keep up with your work, one way or another.


    1. Thanks for your response. I love Internet for that particular reason. You plant some seeds and never know where they will fly.
      I would be happy to share some of my work with you if you are patient to wait a bit. I have some major computer problems at the moment which will take a few weeks to sort out.
      I am curious to what you do? Please send me a mail to bakkesle(at) All the best, Eva