Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Gentle Actions

Gentle Actions was an art & and ecology happening with an experimental visual framework that took place at the gallery Kunstnerenes Hus in Oslo, Norway 23rd of October till 14th of November 2010. It was an interactive meeting place which combined the transformatory power of art with interdisciplinary ecology. Gentle Actions was a social sculpture that gathered people engaged in social transformation within the arts, culture, humanities, social and nature based academia together with cultural activists and an actively engaged public.  It was an interactive and collaborative platform that included dialogues and lectures, presentations, workshops, discussions, and an extensive film program curated by Oslo Dokumentarkino in collaboration with Gentle Actions. The exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience was integral to the project and we hope that Gentle Actions will generate new ways of thinking and acting to face the enormous challenges we are facing on earth at this moment.
Gentle Actions was shaped by Anne Karin Jortveit and Eva Bakkeslett, in collaboration with the gallery Kunstnernes Hus and Oslo Dokumentarkino. For more pictures and information go to our website: http://gentleactions.wordpress.com

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