Sunday, 30 May 2010


Gentle Actions is an art & and ecology event with an experimental visual framework that will take place at the gallery Kunstnerenes Hus in Oslo/Norway from 22.10-14.11.2010.  It will be an interactive meeting place, which combines the transformatory power of art with interdisciplinary ecology.

The challenge of achieving sustainability, in the face of the complex crisis of civilization combining ecological, social, cultural and economic dimensions, demands integrated understanding and responses.  This requires making creative connections across disciplines and boundaries. 
Gentle Actions will function as a social sculpture and meeting place for engaged people within the arts, culture, humanities and social and nature-based academia together with cultural activists and an actively engaged public. The exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience is integral to the project.  We hope that Gentle Actions will provide ideas and concrete examples for new ways of thinking and acting.

Gentle Actions will be challenging and innovative within the artworld but also establish new connections, create dialogue across disciplines and expand our notions of ecology and sustainable solutions to deal with the enormous challenges we are facing on earth at this moment.   
There is no time to lose.

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